18 November

Peace Theater in the Country of War

Mouneb Taib
shot in Idlib Saraqib (Syria), 2019
18 November


Letizia Francini Naldi
shot in Florence (Italy), 2005
18 November


Bonaventura Durall-Aulet
shot in Barcelona (Spain), 2020
18 November

Across The Waters

Yanru Chen
shot in Halle (Germany), 2021
18 November

Wee Muckers – Youth of Belfast

Toby Binder
shot in United Kingdom, 2019
18 November

Chasing Birds

Allison Patel
shot in Nags Head, North Carolina (USA), 2020
18 November

Triptych 3

Roger Bruhn
shot in Lincoln, Nebraska (USA), 2019
18 November

Weddings on Vorobyovy Gory

Emil Gataullin
shot in Moscow (Russian Federation), 2005
18 November


Josef Polleross
shot in Vienna (Austria), 2009
18 November


Francesco Luongo
shot in Livorno (Italy), 2021
18 November

Transitions. Swallow Anger, and Convert It into Opportunity

Lorenzo Cerbone
shot in Trieste (Italy), 2021
18 November

Out of Place

Ariel Palazzolo
shot in Sicily (Italy), 2021