18-21 November Complete Programme Announced

1st Edition: 18-21 November 2021
Closing and Awards Ceremony: Sunday November 21, 2021 

A picture journey through distant ages and places, imaginary worlds and techniques brought together under the concept of photographic triptych. From recent works to triptychs conceived 50 years ago and only now shot – whether black and white or color, analog or digital, capturing intimate moments and stories, simple portraits or works re-elaborated according to the artist’s vision – the nearly 800 triptychs submitted from 80 countries (from Montana (USA) to Hong Kong, from Ireland to Brazil) address the most diverse topics with the delicacy of the photographic medium. 

The selection of 100 triptychs for the first edition of 3SHOTS Festival has been announced: see the complete list here

How does the Festival work

After registering on our website, you can visualize the 100 triptychs, divided into three groups, that will remain online for three days, from 18 to 21 November. Every day you can visualize 1/3 of the triptychs (33 per day). On the last day, you will also visualize the 100th triptych, selected for having received the most likes in the Instagram contest category. The first day of the Festival when the first group of triptychs will be published is Thursday November 18, starting at 4 pm. The triptychs will remain online for 24 hours, after which the second group of triptychs will become visible, and so on.

To follow the Festival - online and free of charge from any location in the world - just register, with a few simple steps. Visitors can vote their favorite shots, using the 5 likes and 1 dislike per day at their disposal.

The winner of the Jury Award (Shuli Sadé - multidisciplinary artist; Giovanna Calvenzi - photographer, photo editor, curator; Toni Thorimbert - Reporter, photographer and art director) – who will receive a prize of €1000 – and the winner of the Audience Award will be announced on November 21, during the closing awards ceremony.

Closing Ceremony November 21, 5-10 pm CET

The closing event, immersed in a music selection especially designed for the occasion by Camilla Gligorov (Discosizer), will take place in Milan and will be streamed live worldwide on our platform. The finissage will showcase the Triptychs Video Installation, an interactive room where the triptychs will be projected onto 3 different screens with which the guests will be able to interact. The official presentation of the selected triptychs, which will also be projected onto the interactive screens, will take place at the same time. To conclude: awards ceremony with interventions from the Jury.

Participation at the event in Milan is by invitation only. For information:

Online participation at the event: free of charge, with registration.

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