3SHOTS rules

One rule over all: minimum three shots.


In order to take part in the event “3SHOTS – The Triptych Photography Festival” (the “Festival”),
the applicant fully acknowledges and agrees to the following rules:

1. Definitions:
a. Triptych: a photographic piece consisting of three photographs.
b. Website: www.3shotsfestival.com
c. Start of Submissions: 8 July 2021
d. End of Submissions: 30 September 2021 (postponed to 8th October)
e. Registration Fee: Euro 5 per Triptych
f. Festival Jury: A group of selected people appointed to judge the artistic value of the
submissions, and award the prizes
g. Contest Winner Prize: 1,000 Euro

2. Triptychs are admitted to the festival only upon payment of the Registration Fee and selection
within the submission timeline specified in this Regulation, provided they meet the following
a. Piece format: Triptych.
b. Support: digital in .jpeg format, minimum resolution 72 dpi/dpi, minimum size 3000
pixel, sRGB color space.
c. No signatures and/or watermarks, or any other tools allowing for immediate
identification of the author.
d. Number of submissions: maximum three (3) per applicant.

Failure to meet even one of the requirements specified above shall result in the Triptych not
being admitted to the contest.
The applicant warrants that the artwork submitted (and any and all content portrayed in it) is
his/her property or that he/she holds all copyrights on it, including rights to its economic
The applicant undertakes to send the Festival Organization all documents proving ownership of
the exploitation rights on the artwork submitted (so called rights clearance), as well as any and
all useful information on the context in which the artwork was produced, on any other assign,
and on all contents and subjects portrayed in the artwork.

3. The applicant undertakes to hold the Festival Organization harmless from any and all claims,
demands, and legal actions of any third party holder of the intellectual property rights and/or
exploitation rights of the artwork submitted.

4. In order to send the Triptych, the applicant shall register to the Website and agree to the relevant
terms and conditions of use.

By registering to the Website, free of charge, the applicant authorizes the Festival Organization
a. Process his/her personal data, as requested, in compliance with the GDPR Regulation
and the Privacy Policy which are available on the Website.
b. Keep a copy of the Triptych accepted for archive and study purposes, as well as for the
purpose of promoting the Festival. Such copy shall be kept free of charge, with the
explicit exclusion of any and all commercial exploitation.
c. Publish the Triptychs on the Website.

By registering to the Website, the applicant acknowledges that he/she has read and agrees to the
terms and conditions of use of the payment and file storage platforms Stripe and Picter available
at the following addresses: https://stripe.com/de/connect/legal

5. The Triptychs may be submitted to the Festival Organization from 8 July 2021 until 30
September 2021(postponed to 8th October), in accordance with the methods specified on the Website.

6. The applicant undertakes to send the Triptychs in compliance with the methods specified on the
Website and on the Picter platform. Failure to comply with even one of the conditions set out in
point 1 of this Regulation shall result in the artwork not being admitted to the Festival.

7. The Triptychs shall be assessed by the Selection Committee which, at its sole discretion, shall
decide on their admission to the Festival. The results of such preselection shall be published on
the Website.

8. The applicant acknowledges and agrees that any and all decisions, evaluations and/or judgments
by the Selection Committee are purely discretional and, as such, final, thus waiving any and all
rights to challenge such decisions, evaluations and/or judgments.

9. Admission to the Festival shall be deemed to be confidential information until publication on
the Website of the list of pieces of artwork admitted.

10. In case of admission, the applicant undertakes to send to the Festival Organization a copy of the
artwork in the format and with the methods specified on the Website.
In case of admission, the applicant shall provide the artwork with a royalty-free license for its
use (including the promotion and sponsoring of the artwork itself and of the Festival) and
transmission, as well as for archive and study purposes.

11. Failure to send to the Festival Organization all the documents required under this Regulation, by
2 November 2021, shall result in the exclusion from the contest.

12. The Triptychs admitted to the Festival shall be exhibited on the Website according to the
timetable set by the Festival Organization.

13. On each of the days of the Festival, users registered to the Website may visualize the Triptychs
scheduled in the timetable without limitations of visualization; the set of works shall remain
available for visualization exclusively on the date set by the Festival Timetable.

14. The Jury of the Festival, at its sole discretion, shall award the best Triptych a prize of Euro
1,000 (plus taxes) within 30 days from the end of the festival.
The winning artwork shall be exhibited, together with a selection of works in contest, also
during a live event organized in compliance with Sar-Cov-2 regulations.
No money prize shall be awarded to the other Triptychs. The Festival Organization reserves the
right to identify new and different prices of an artistic nature and communicate the relevant
regulation to the applicants on the Website and on Picter.

15. AFTER-FESTIVAL: The Applicant hereby authorizes the Festival Organization to exhibit on
the Website each piece of artwork admitted, including after the conclusion of the event.
The Festival Organization reserves the right to interrupt or terminate the transmission of the
artwork after ninety (90) days from the end of the Festival.

16. Any disputes arising out of the interpretation, performance and termination of this Regulation
shall be submitted by the Parties to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan in
accordance with the laws of Italy.

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